Respect must be taught to thechildren as young as possible. That way, when they grow up, they will know yourworth and appreciate every little thing that you do for them.

But it seems like this isn’t thecase to this poor mother who was being whipped by his own son. The encounter wascaptured in the video.

In the video that is rampant online, a mother can be seen sitting helplessly on a sofa while her son is standing in front of her, with a broom on his hand. Their position is obviously wrong. Supposed to be, the mother should be the one holding the broom while the child is sitting and not the other way around.

And the reason for the confrontation, the son’s failing grades.

It turns out that the mothertalked about the failing grades of her son to the neighbors and her son didn’t like it. This resulted in the son getting really angry and wipped his mother with a broom.His mother cried because of pain but he didn’t stopit.

According to the Times of India,even the older sister who recorded the video received bad words fromhis brother.

As the video goes viral, itcaptured the attention of police authorities in the area. They were alarmed andwent to the residence of the family. They warned the son to never do his deeds again and the latter promised to never repeat it.


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