Did you know that the food industry has kept more secrets than your cheating boyfriend? These are the shocking secrets that the food industry has kept hidden.

  1. Wax in Apples

Supermarkets sell apples covered with wax. This is keep the appearance of apples good and marketable even for weeks.

Solution: Use lukewarm water to remove the wax from apples.


  1. Too Much Food Coloring

If you try to dip a white napkin to a glass of commercial juice, you will see that the food coloring is transferred to the napkin. It is indeed full of coloring and other harmful chemicals.


  1. Synthetic Fiber in Cupcakes

Strain a cupcake under a running water. After it’s drained, you will see that synthetic fibers will remain.


  1. Mayonnaise

Combine mayonnaise and Iodine to see which one has a starch. The one with the starch will give a violet color and is totally harmful.


  1. Honey

To verify that the honey you have is fake or not, simply put cold water in it and shake counterclockwise. Fake honey is diluted with sugar syrup and you will not see a honeycomb pattern in it.


  1. Butter vs Margarine

High quality butter is generally made from cream or milk which are both healthy to consume while margarine are made from palm oil that doesn’t melt.


  1. Soda

Sodas are filled with coloring that if you filter it, you will see that it’s actually colorless.


  1. Cup Noodles

If you try to tear a big cup noodles, you will see that the noodles inside is very small.


  1. Cottage Cheese

You can verify if the cottage cheese you bought is harmful or not by adding iodine in it.

See it below

Shocking secrets of the food industry 😱😱😱

Shocking secrets of the food industry 😱😱😱

Posted by Price Pony Malaysia on Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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