For so many years, there are a lot of different fashion statements that come and go. As we progress when it comes to technology, the kind of trendy fashion statement that we have is becoming more exotic and unique.

Previously, we are only using glitter for art design especially at school. Who’d have thought that glitter on your tongue will become a fashion trend and a lot will follow it? The tongue is not the only part that’s covered with glitter. There are also glitter boobs, booty glitter, vagina glitter, glitter lips, glitter armpits,and glitter beads. It’s as if you are slowly transforming into a disco ball.

Next unique trend in fashion is the squiggle brows. This bizarre style went swooping on the Internet despite the fact that it requires more effort compared to your daily swipe of the brow. The wiggly trend didn’t stop in there. There are squiggle lips that are brought to us by the Internet.

Just when we thought that squiggle brows and lips are the worst of them all, another one comes along – nostril hair extension.

Facebook user @gret_chen_chen was the first who established this look. False eyelashes stuck to the inside of the nostrils. Surely, it looks unique but does it look good? I’ll leave it all to you!


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