We’ve all heard of the dangers of using too much gadgets to one’s health. No matter the age, too many gadgets are said to cause seizure and other complications such as becoming overweight and vision problems.

Another incident linked to too much use of mobile phone has gone viral online. Facebook user SarenaSingian posted how her sister developed seizure after using too much gadget.

Ayaw din kumain ni koko ? dinadamayan nya si ate nya ang tamlay ng koko namin ?

Posted by Sarena Singian on Saturday, November 3, 2018

According to Sarena, her sister seldom gets out of her room and does nothing aside from using her mobile phone. Her sister also eats late because she can’t put down her phone even just for a short while.

One morning, her mother wakes her sister up and asked to buy rice in the store. Her sister started to complain that she’s feeling dizzy. Their mother insisted that she needs to drink water so she will feel better.

Posted by Sarena Singian on Saturday, November 3, 2018

She didn’t feel better. Instead, she started to vomit and had seizures.

Her sister was immediately taken to the nearest hospital and from there, it was confirmed that she suffered seizure due to the excessive use of gadgets.

This isn’t the first time that a similar incident was reported. What’s more alarming is that children as young as 7-12 years old are the victims.

This should serve as a strong reminder to parents not to let their children use too much gadgets and limit their screen time as much as possible.

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