For normal Filipinos, working tirelessly for a minimum of five days, for eight hours is something we see ourselves doing for the longest time.

But did you know, there are people who earn thousands and thousands a day? What’s their job? Making fake credit cards.

In fact, a legit credit card maker came out to confess how they steal the personal details of people and their card details as well.

In the video, which is taking rounds online, men wearing a mask on their faces were seen doing ‘their thing’ so efficiently as if they’ve done it all their lives.

Credit card scams are not just a problem of a single country, it is a worldwide issue that becomes worst every day. Technology has a huge contribution to this growing crisis.

Nowadays, scammers can easily sell and purchase credit card details online, in the so-called Deep Web.

Normal netizen cannot enter Deep Web that easy. It takes great technical skills to get through this level of the internet. But for credit card scammers, this level is where they acquire their bread and butter.

In the Deep Web, they buy credit card details of people from different parts of the world. In fact, Deep Web is like an online shop where you can buy almost anything, even illegal things that are not usually sold in stores.

Through the information acquired on the Deep Web, these scammers make dummy credit cards. They print out the names, other card details, and Presto! They can now make thousands of dollars out of it.

Surely, as the government from different parts of the world strengthens their campaign in putting a stop to these illegal activities, this easy-money-making will hopefully put to stop real soon.

See clip below

Making Thousands a Day from Credit Card Scams

A credit card scammer explains how he makes thousands in one day.

Posted by VICE on Thursday, November 8, 2018



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