Dealing with heartbreak is surely never easy. Most people do not know how to deal with heartbreaks that they do extreme measures just to heal their broken love.

Just like any other teenager, this young girl experienced broken love. But what’s really alarming is the fact that she decided to lock herself in her apartment room for 5 months.

The situation gets worse when the owner of the hostel smell something bad coming from her room. They hurried to tell the police and as they opened the door, they were shocked and disgusted.

It turns out that the room of the girl was full of rubbish andher own body odor adds to the bad smell that started to linger outside.

According to reports, the owner of the hostel already noticed that the girl rarely gets out and only orders food to meet with her daily needs. Her real situation was busted only when a person nearby smell something coming from the woman’s room.

The woman was allegedly abandoned by the love of her life. Right then, she locked herself in the room and only did a few moving and eating for the last five months.

What the police saw inside was really disturbing, knowing that she is a fine and very young lady. The room was full of rubbish, they couldn’t even push the door easily. They also saw a girl… a slim girl, rather… on the bed… sitting down… with puffy eyes and messy hair. She also occasionally wipes her hand and phone.

The Innkeeper said that the woman was truly devastated upon losing her love. The couple dated for years but the guy left her, making her feel depressed and lose herself in the midst of all the heartache she felt.

But the police who came to the rescue were enthusiastic enough to change the mood in the room. They cleaned the room and threw faithful words towards the girl.


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