Just because of a $40 bill, a Filipina is facing charges in Hong Kong.

According to Hong Kong News, a Filipina domestic helper is facing theft charges after being accused of getting $40 from the jacket of her colleague inside their employer’s flat in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

On March 6, Catherine C. appeared to the court and testified that Imelda B. (the defendant) stole two $20 bills from the pocket of Catherine’s jacket.

At first, the initial charge stated that the defendant took all the money of Catherine amounting to $141.5. However, her testimony was changed when she appeared to the court. She then said that Imelda only took $40 out of the $141.5 which was the content of the pocket.

“Hindi po $141.5 pero $40 was missing,” says Catherine.

The complainant also took pictures of the bill with serial numbers EF253758 and another GN009463. Catherine also claimed that she previously lost $2,000.

According to the prosecution, the incident happened last Nov. 7, 2018, when they were inside their employer’s house. Catherine said that she placed the money on her jacket so she can easily use it when they go out of the house.

But because they went out in a hurry, she forgot to bring the jacket which was left in the kitchen. She discovered that the money was lost when they returned home.

As for Imelda, her lawyer claims that if the defendant really took the cash, why she would get the $40 only and not the entire $141.5.

The verdict will be handed over on March 15.


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