Women deserve to be respected in all places regardless of race, nationality, religion at all times.

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a man was arrested for forcibly kiss!ng a woman in a restaurant.

In a news reported by Sabq, the spokesman of the city’s police, Chake bin Suleiman Al Tuwaiiiri stated that the man is a Saudi national.  He added that the man will be surrendered to the authorities and will be pros3cuted under existing laws.

Apparently, a CCTV footage shared on social media led to his arrest where he was seen sēxually harassing a woman in a restaurant. It sparked outrage on Saudi Twitter where many called the attention of Saudi police to take action.

According to the video, the woman was waiting in line to pick up her order when the man grabbed her and forcibly k!ssed her.  However, the man defended that he was provoked to kiss her because she was wearing a hijab (a scarf worn by Muslims to cover face and hair).  But the man’s reason was unaccepted by many who were fed up with the excuses of people who abused women.

The video earned varied reactions from netizens who mostly condemned what the man did. Sadly, there were also some who were blaming the victim, claiming the woman incited the man.

Cases of s3xual harassment in Saudi Arabia have been reported every day. Good thing, the Arab government had been very strong-willed and adamant in pursuing cases and actions against the abusers.  An anti-s3xual harassm3nt law was also passed to protect the victims, especially the women facing high rates of abus3 each day.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, activists are encouraging victims in Saudi to come out, report and voice-out their horrible experiences so abusers will face the consequences of their malicious actions.

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Meanwhile In Middle East!

Meanwhile In Middle East! – Watch Till The End.

Posted by OFW Community on Tuesday, March 5, 2019


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