A video of newly-weds had recently gone viral on social media for being outrageous.

The wedding is among those precious moments which the husband and wife would cherish all the days of their lives.  But one video shocked d the social media when the husband was filmed slāpping his wife during the ceremony.

The video started with the part of the ceremony where the couple would exchange eating a piece of cake.  The husband sweetly fed his bride first.  But when it’s the bride’s turn to feed her groom, she teased him as she playfully takes the fork with cake back and forth towards him but never fed him with the cake.  Seemed like he was pissed off with her gesture, Släppęd her as he looked at her with annoyance and anger.

With such great force, the bride stumbled and fell at a seat behind her.  A guest standing next to them helped the bride and pacified the groom.

Many social media enthusiasts reacted differently to the video.  Some said that the woman should not marry the man because he was so impatient and her entire married life would be miserable.


The video was believed to be taken from a Central Asian country.

Meanwhile, the video isn’t the first time where the groom was seen lashing out with his bride.  There was one taken in the Middle East with the same situation.



The other one happened in 2015 when the bride made a prank.  She was seen laughing at first but later on stunned by her husband’s reaction when he k!cked the table with food and everything got messed up.

Could this be something we can just laugh about?  Or will this serve as a gentle reminder for brides not to “play” during the wedding as it is a sacred and Blessed Sacrament?

See clip below



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