After the Sheerlyn Gerasta incident, many Filipinos believe that journalist Raffy Tulfo can give them their much-needed help especially when it comes to the repatriation of their family member working abroad.

Another husband of OFW is asking for help from Raffy Tulfo because her wife is allegedly cheating on him.

Maria Teresa Espiritu, the OFW wife, was seen with a Pakistani man who is said to be her boyfriend. However, all the accusations thrown to her were strongly denied by the wife.

Meanwhile, the husband asked his wife to return to the Philippines as the issue of her ínfídelíty is already affecting their children. The husband, whose name was withheld, became emotional during their phone call conversation.

Maria said that the photos that surfaced online where taken a long time ago and that some people were just trying to ruin her reputation by uploading it again.

Maria also claims that she cannot even leave her employer’s house, much more meet other people, making the photos ultimately fabricated.

Her husband, on the other hand, claimed that they couldn’t call his wife because they were all blocked from Facebook.

Tulfo also showed proof of her ínfídelíty through several photos of their sweet messages with the Pakistani man.

There’s no actual confirmation of the woman will return to the Philippines to clear her name or Tulfo will forcedly help in her repatriation, just like in the case of Sheerlyn Gerasta.


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