Pineapple is without a doubt, the favorite of many. But it is also undeniable that removing its outer skin is quite tricky. There are already numerous ways suggesting the right way of eating pineapple but this one is just THE BEST.

A video of a man recently went viral because of its fascinating way of eating pineapple. In the video, a man can be seen eating pineapple without removing the outer cover and only using bare hands.

We all know that peeling pineapple requires a lot of effort. The traditional way of peeling pineapple is removing the eyes aside from its think skin. If this is your first time, then most probably, you cannot do it the right way.

Aside from that, there are countless ways of peeling a pineapple and video tutorials on how to do it are all over the Internet.

But the video shared by a certain @lewismccluskey on Twitter looks really simple that netizens couldn’t help but try the trick.

Many netizens thought that they have eaten pineapple the wrong way all their lives and there is this easy method that appeared just now.

Without a doubt, the way he had eaten the pineapple is really simple and effortless. Take note, he did it without the use of a knife. Isn’t it amazing? Would you dare try it to see for yourself?

See the actual video here:


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