The struggle of fitting your things in your luggage and thinking that it might excess the given baggage allowance is the agony of every traveler. As much as possible, travelers maximize the space in their luggage and weigh is before going to the airport.

To this man, something unusual came to mind and thought that it will get through airport officials. Unfortunately, he was barred from getting on his flight.

To avoid excess baggage, this man decided to wear some of his clothes that can’t fit inside his luggage. In total, he wore eight pairs of pants and ten shirts, as reported by Fox News.

Ryan Carney Williams was supposed to travel to England from Iceland. Unfortunately, the British Airways denied giving her boarding pass for the “violation”.

Williams, the goes on the name of Ryan Hawaii on Twitter, posted the encounter in Twitter. He also claimed that they arrested him, then held onto the ground by the airport police because Williams refused to leave the desk.

But according to a news that circulated online, Williams showed rude attitude to airport staff prompting arrest. This was ultimately denied by Williams.

Williams booked another flight through Easyjet but was barred from entering other terminals. Instead, they refunded him for the money that he spent.

Williams also believed that the bad treatment he received could be because of racial profiling.


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