Most of the time, we see children on the internet crying their hearts out as they do not want to be left by their parents who will be working abroad as Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). These touching videos are rampant these days, considering the number of Filipino leaving the country for greener pasture abroad.

The sad truth is, Filipino workers, go abroad to work as domestic helpers and care other people’s children while leaving their own in the Philippines.

Since Filipinos are known to as loving and caring people who invest their hearts on their jobs, their ward gets attached to them very easily that when they decide to return to the Philippines, the scenario in the airport becomes quite emotional.

A video of a young girl crying terribly went viral online. What caught that attention of many is the fact that the young girl is not crying because she doesn’t want to be left by her mother, it is her Filipina helper who will leave her.

In the video, the young girl was crying so hard and hugged the Filipina tightly, refusing to let her go. The people around them can also be seen crying and the child’s mother kept on comforting the little girl.

The kid’s mother who is a Chinese national can also be seen crying along with her daughter. The scene is really touching for the fact that they really loved the Filipina who took care of them. Such employers are definitely priceless.



Posted by 古晋大小事 Kuching Talk on Monday, February 4, 2019

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