Your Golden retriever will shed its beautiful coat and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, golden retrievers shed their coats more often than other dog breeds. Your dog’s shedding can become less of a hassle using these few natural methods. All you have to do is to give them regular routine as well as lots of patience and love.

Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot

They shed moderately during summer and winter seasons and more on spring and fall. If you have a Golden retriever, accept the fact that your beloved dog will leave hair every now and then, everywhere, be it on the floor, the bed and even your clothes.

But then, you can minimize the mess by having a lint remover brush or simply a rubber gloves that easily removes all those dog hair.

Secure A Golden Retriever Grooming Kit

Truth is, you cannot stop your dog from shedding but then, there are countless ways to make your house dog hair free.

Brush your Golden retriever at least three times a week and discard the hair properly so the wind won’t blow it back to your house.

You can also prevent the tangling of their hair by brushing it daily. If there are knots, remove it using a slicker brush.

Bath Golden Retrievers Every Other Week

It is advisable to brush your golden retrievers only every other week to a month since frequent bathing could result to dry skin which could lead to more shedding.



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