Golden Retriever is a dog breed that is very popular throughout the world. This popularity could be due to their beauty and magnificent characteristics such as friendly, energetic, loyal, intelligent and very gentle.

In fact, you can train your Golden Retriever successfully on your own. You just need a few tips to follow.

Potty Training

Teaching your dogs to use the bathroom is the most important thing to teach. You can take your dog to the bathroom and say “here”. Over time, they will come to understand it because golden retrievers are smart dogs.


This small, confined space can be intimidating to dogs. Let them move there on their own. You can leave the crate open and let their curiosity run. They will go inside and you can shut the door for a short period of time but open it afterward until they get used to it.

Make Introductions

To avoid unnecessary bites, try introducing your Golden Retrievers to the family and other family members. You can also introduce your dog to neighbors and other pets.

Make Grooming Fun

You need to groom your dogs. But you need to make sure that everything is fun and happy. Get the dog interested into your grooming brush and make them used to the grooming routine.

Use Simple Commands

Start with the basic commands such as sit, stay or lie down. Golden Retriever will learn them easily if you demonstrate it properly.


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