The remains of Overseas Filipino Worker Maribel Soberano who passed away in Taina, Taiwan was finally repat riated back to her province in Sobol, Asingan.

The Filipina factory worker allegedly commi tted suic ide on February 12, just four days before her scheduled return to the Philippines.

The body of Soberano arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on flight China Airlines. Board member Manila Economic and Culture Office (MECO) Ranjit R. Shahani as well as Governor Amado Espino III were the ones who facilitated the repatriation of her remais.

“Tinulungan na ng MECO pamilya para maiuwi ang bangkay ng OFW na napabalitang nagpakamatay.”

It can be recalled that Soberano worked just for five months in Taiwan before committing sui cide. It can be recalled that the death of Soberano became controversial because of the alleged foul play.

Netizens also think that there’s something wrong with the way she was hanged on the tree. But, without an autopsy to her remains, her death will remain as sui cide.

There are a lot of assumptions surrounding her death. There are people who think that it was because of dep ression that’s why she took away her own life. There are also others who doubted the sui cide knowing that it will only be a matter of days before her scheduled return to the Philippines.


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