Dogs are not just there to protect your house against robbers and bad people, they are also there to protect you even if your house gets caught with fire.

A family in Florida was really thankful for their neighbor’s dog who managed to help them escape fire at midnight.

According to Amber Walker, she couldn’t sleep properly inside her home in Kingswood Manor subdivision because her dog, named Angel, kept on acting really weird. It was already 12:30 and yet they were wide awake.

Her dog wanted her to check the window and from there, she spotted the flame coming from her neighbor’s garage.

“Me and my little brother bolted out of the house and ran to the neighbor’s house and banged on their door so we can get the kids out, so they can be safe,” says Amber.

The Orange County Fire and the Maitland Fire Rescue Department responded immediately and said that no one got injured in the incident. However, the fire caused severe damage to the house.

Dogs have stronger sensitivity compared to people. When accidents happen and you have a dog, it is most likely that they will respond to you quicker than other people around you.

Take care of your dogs and you will surely reap what you sow.


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