Getting a new puppy also means teaching them new things that will be quite useful throughout their stay inside your house. Here are some of the things you need to know about teaching new things on your puppy.

When you first bring your new puppy at home, give them time to adjust. It will take months for your dogs to adjust to a new environment. Just be patient. Eventually, everything will turn up pretty well.

Teach Them Their Names

For you to catch their attention when you call them, it is very important to teach them their names. To do this, make a bit of a sound to call their attention, right then, give them some treats and repeat their names for a couple of times. By doing this, they will start to connect their names and paying attention when their names are being called.

Teach Them To Sit

Teaching is very important and it is one of the many things owners want to teach their dogs. To do so, put the treats as close to their nose as possible and lead them to a sitting position. Tell them that this is sit and give them some treats. Do this in a very gentle way.

Teach Them To Lie Down

Lead the treats to their mouths, down to the floor until they do the lying position. Tell them that this is sit and keep on repeating this word. Remember that depending on your dog, it will take about days to teach them this action. There are also other dogs who can follow this command almost instantly.

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