Dogs biting seems like a normal thing but in reality, you can train them to stop biting you. Just remember to bond with your dog since this is the most important thing that you need when teaching something.

There are two main reasons why puppies bite – they are teething or trying to engage the world. This is their way to grab things.

If your puppies are teething, make sure that they have regular access to chew toys with different textures. There are other owners who bite their puppies back so they know how painful it is to be bitten and this is such a silly thing to do.

If your puppy bites often, then you have an energetic puppy. If that’s the case, then exercise them early and throughout the day.

Divert Their Attention To Bite A Toy

Be prepared. If you already know that they will welcome you with a bite, then get ahead of them. Prepare a bite toy for them, something that they really like. Over time, they will realize that there are things that are acceptable to bite rather than your arms.

Use Treats To Curb Biting

Most likely, biting dogs will not be gentle when getting the treats from your hands. If that’s the case, open your palms and let them it the treats carefully.


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