Dogs will always be part of every owner’s heart no matter how silly they get. Just like this stubborn dog who refuses to let his owner marry her groom.

In a photo that circulated online, a dog can be seen blocking the door, refusing a man to enter the room. He didn’t wait for the wedding ceremony where the officiator will announce for any objections. The pup made it clear that he doesn’t like the wedding to pursue.

At one glance, you will think that the dog does not like the groom ever since. But in reality, he likes him but only started to act strangely on the day of the wedding. It seems like he knows that his beloved owner will be wedded that day and he doesn’t like it.

It is said that a funny encounter happened at the wedding of the dog’s owner. The groom went to the house of the bride together with his groomsmen. He was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Unfortunately, the dog didn’t let the meeting happen since he blocked the door and stubbornly stayed there. The bride’s father carried the dog to another room so the groom can bring out his bride and push through with the wedding.

The bride shared that the dog has been her pet for seven years and known to tremble even with the sound of firecrackers. He was not a brave dog yet on that day, he was eager to protect his owner from ‘strangers’ that he never met before, like the groomsmen who was with the groom.

The incident happened in Henan, China.


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