With the growing foreign exchange rate, you will come to think that Overseas Filipino Workers earning foreign currencies are rich and do not have worries financially.

Most Filipinos get attracted to working abroad because of the higher salary that is offered to them. Unfortunately, there are still a whole lot of OFWs who return to the Philippines, broke and without savings.

A picture was shared online and it captured the real sacrifices of migrant workers. In the photo, people can be seen gathering with smiles on their faces and lots of food on the table.

While on the other picture, there is a candle, a noodle and a can of tuna.

As it turns out, the picture with lots of food on the table was the one prepared by the family of an OFW and the other picture was the food prepared by the OFW father who was actually the celebrant.

The photo shows how the OFW father gave way so that his family in the Philippines can have good food to eat. He was the celebrant yet he only had processed food on the table.

The pictures instantly captured the hearts of netizens. This is true in almost all OFW families out there. There are even other families who forget the birthday of their loved ones abroad.

The photo captioned:

“Handa namin sa birthday ni Papa vs. Handa niya.” “Grabe learn to appreciate talaga mga sacrifices ng OFW parents.”

But her father refused to condemn the post of her daughter and even said:

“Bhea, basta cool lang kayo, kaya natin yan. Mga pangyayaring dumadaan lang, pero malalagpasan din. Cool ka lang, ako pa.”

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