There are dogs who will devour anything you give them, eating almost anything that looks and smells edible. However, just like kids who hate to have vegetables on their plates, there are also dogs who are picky eaters. They will surely refuse even those most expensive dog food out there.

What Makes A Dog Food Appetizing?

Keep these things in mind if you want to give your dog a winning recipe.

Meat is Good

As we all know, dogs are omnivores (eats both plant and animal) but if you trace the most recent ancestors of dogs, you will know that they survived on a meat-based diet. Though they will gladly devour those edible fruits and vegetables offered to them but their calories mainly come from meat.

Fat is SO Good

Fat makes every food taste a LOT better! You need to consider that fats and oils are two different things. Fat appears solid at room temperature and they are from animals. As for Oils, they are liquid at room temperature and are from plants. Don’t worry, dogs appreciate bots fats and oils but their favorite is animal fats.

Fruits and Veggies Are Really Tasty

There are a lot of dogs who love sweet fruits and there are also others who like really bitter vegetables. Nonetheless, most picky dogs would love to have these ingredients and flavors.

Real Food Rather Than Artificial

Let’s face it, real food tastes better than an artificially enhanced food for dogs. Even the driest, over-cooked chicken will make dogs happy and healthy.

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