Requirements for Employment Contract Verification of Workers in UAE

All Overseas Filipino Workers going to the United Arab Emirates under visit visa and found work will need to acquire Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

According to Philippine Labor Attache in UAE Fely Bay the move is for POEA to have records and to provide assistance in case they need one while working abroad.

The labor attache also clarified that those returning OFWs who already got their OECs before are not included in this regulation.

“Kamakailan ay naglabas ng memorandum circular and POEA at nakasaadpodoonsa memorandum circular yung mga requirements for the issuance of OEC. Dapat ang mga kababayan natin na nagnanais na umuwi ng Pilipinas upang magbakasyon ay magpa-verify or magpatatak ng kanilang kontrata at maissuehan ng OEC dito sa POLO Dubai,” says Labor AttacheFely Bay.

She also clarified that there are no additional requirements and the regulation only applies to OFWs who went to UAE under visit visa but later found a job and converted their visit visa into employment visa.


“Ganunparinnamanan gating mga requirements. Angmababagolang ay dun sa mga kababayan natin na originally or initially pumasok dito sa UAE na on visit visa at nag kataon nanakakuha sila ng trabaho at nagkaroon sila ng employment visa,” she added.

Those OFWs who fall into this regulation can visit the POLO office in UAE in case they exit the country or return to the Philippines. This will allow them to have an online appointment for their OEC before their return to the Philippines. The employment contract also needs to be verified first before OFWs can get their OEC.

Requirements for Employment Contract Verification of Workers Who Are Not Registered with the POEA:

  • MOHRE or FREE ZONE or Company Employment Contract (2 copies)
  • Photocopy of Passport (2 copies)
  • Visa copy of the worker (2 copies)
  • Any proof of employment like current employment certificate, valid company ID, recent payslip (2 copies)
  • Sworn Statement of the worker stating how she/he was hired by her employer (2 copies)
  • Processing Fee of Dh40

For more information see reports below credit to Filipino Times

The Filipino Times Newsbreak – March 28, 2019

TRENDING: OEC, sa POEA na kukunin ng mga piling OFWs. Panoorin ang mga detalye sa exclusive na report na ito ng #TheFilipinoTimes #TFTNewsbreak

Posted by The Filipino Times on Thursday, March 28, 2019

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