Dog body language is part of your pet’s behavior that can sometimes be confused and misunderstood by their owners. It is very important to let you understand your dogs and these examples will be very helpful.

Dog Body Language

Play Bow – They Want To Play Chase

Your dog lowers their forequarters into the floor. This position will be part of their bow. After that, they will push their hind quarters up into the air as well as their tails as they wag vertically. Most of the time, you will see their relaxed facial expression and floppy ears. At the time, their mouth will be slightly open and their teeth bearing. This is a typical “Play Bow”. If they portray this position, they are encouraging you to play.

Belly Exposed – They Want A Belly Rub

Have you ever found your dog with their full belly exposed? How did you respond to them? This is the especially confident position of your dog showing love, trust, and affection. Be sure to praise them by rubbing their belly. This is a sign of joy and happiness.

Leaning Posture – Let’s Explore

This posture is similar to Play Bow suggesting that your dog wants to play. Here are the signs to look for:

  • Leans forward with weight on the forequarters as well as hindquarters
  • Head upright and proud
  • Mouth closed and perked ears
  • Eyes open and fixed to an object
  • The tail is wagging horizontally and in small movements

If you come home tonight and your dog show this body language, make sure to entertain them and give them the attention they need.

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