A hotline to assist distressed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) was launched by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). This hotline aims to deliver a fast response to callers asking for help and assistance.

According to GMA News, the hotline 1348 is dedicated by OWWA Officials to answer the needs of distressed OFWs. This hotline is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. For calls that are outside Metro Manila, you can call (02) 1348 and for an international call, you can dial (0632) 1348.

At the launching, an OFW from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was set as an example. Aurora (not the real name) went to Saudi to work as a household service worker. But she claims that her employer treated her badly prompting to her rescue and repatriation.

She posted her situation on social media, the reason why KSA labor officials noticed her situation. Thereafter, she was rescued and immediately repatriated.

These cases must not be handled lightly. Through the help of this hotline, OWWA can give assistance to those who need their service and provide help to Overseas Filipino Workers who are being treated badly by their foreign employers.

They also aim to provide swift assistance to those who are in trouble abroad. It is expected that this hotline will help lessen the burden caused by bad treatment of employers and even those who are illegally recruited Filipino workers.

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