Have you ever dreamed of wearing gold effortlessly on your neck and other parts of your body, as though they were your normal accessories?

But this man from Vietnam wears a hat made of gold with his name engraved in it. He also wears 13kgs of a gold necklace and huge bracelets also made of gold.


His name is Dai Gia Phuc XO, dubbed as the person with a most number of gold in Vietnam, proudly wears 13kg of gold on his neck, 2 billion Vietnamese Dong worth hat which includes 53 gold and 260 diamonds, engraving his name.

The gold hat was specially made for his head size and weighs 2 kg. It was made for him since 7 months ago. The hat is composed of 53 gold and 260 diamonds to form his name, ‘XO’. Each diamond cost 1.2 million VND, reaching the total value of VND 1.8 billion (PhP 4,040,074).

According to reports, it was since childhood that XO dreamed of having clothes and accessories that eventually became reality today. Additionally, XO is also planning to have a gold shirt.

The real name of XO is Tran Ngoc Phuc and he was born in 1982. Currently, he owns a famous karaoke bar in Vietnam. XO is also known as a gold enthusiast.

Dai XO usually comes out casually outside wearing 13 kilograms of gold that reaches as much as 13 billion (PhP29, 178,319). He wears these “combo” comprising of 4 gold rings about ½ kg and another 2 gold bracelets which are both 3 kg.

According to Dai XO, he wears gold everywhere because according to the Feng Shui expert that he consulted, wearing gold everywhere can bring luck, fortune and gold health. He wears gold almost everywhere aside from going to bath and bed for 5 years already.

He also has 3 gold-plated motorbikes with an estimated cost of VND 1.5 billion (PhP3, 358,336).

See clip below

Phúc XO Mua Thêm Nón Nặng 2Kg Vàng, Đính 260 Viên Kim Cương Cực Kỳ Đắt Tiền

Phúc XO Mua Thêm Nón Nặng 2Kg Vàng, Đính 260 Viên Kim Cương Cực Kỳ Đắt Tiền

Posted by Văn Thơ Âm Nhạc on Friday, April 5, 2019


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