You really cannot buy good manners. No matter how rich you are, you can still be as rude as an animal.

In a public post, a Filipina alleged Cesar Gebara, son of a politician in Beirut Antoine Gebara, of bad treatment at its finest. They treated her less than a person, as though her life is worthless.

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According to Frenslyn Villarin, she entered the household of Gebara last June 12, 2017. They were total good employers on the first month of her stay in their house but everything turned sour after that.

The verbal abu se started that soon turned into physical abu se.

“After that, the ‘f*** you’ and ‘habla’ (idi ot) and other Arabic words that back then I didn’t understand started. When the verbal abuse began, I asked them for my freedom and requested they return me to the agency,” Villarin posted.

She asked to be taken to the agency but her employer threatened that she will be killed if she leaves their household without paying $5,000.

“If you want to go back to the office, you have to pay $5000 or I will send you to prison. I am powerful here in Lebanon because my father is the president here,” threatens Cesar.

Image source “This is Lebanon

She went to their agency but failed to report her situation as she was afraid that Cesar will send her to prison, or worst, take her life.

Throughout their conversation in the officer, the driver who accompanied her kept on reporting everything she says to their employer. It made her think that she will never escape the harsh Cesar Gebara.

They have other house helpers who are also experiencing the same bad treatment as her – a Sri Lankan and another Filipina.

Fortunately, a driver who is also police got pity on her and is willing to help her escape. He bought her a plane ticket to the Philippines and that’s when her hope to return to her children was revived.

But before returning to the Philippines, Frenslyn endured a lot of suffering and abuse perpetrated by Cesar Gebara. She was kicked, punched, and hit.

Without anything on hand, even her personal belongings, she flew back to the Philippines. She hails from Iloilo but her ticket was only for Manila.

Thankfully, Qatar Airways helped her reached Iloilo and even gave her some money and food.

She got back to her family and thankful that she was safe even after the abu se she encountered while hoping for a better life abroad.

You can read the full testimony on “This Is Lebanon” including videos and testimonies from other Filipina.


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