Toys for dogs are important for their mental stimulation, allowing them to promote proper chewing and an important tool for behavior modification. They are particularly used to fulfill the mental and emotional needs of dogs as well as a physical simulator.  Unfortunately, not all toys are good for dogs. There are some that are considered harmful and even fatal.


Common Yet Harmful Toys For Dogs

Tug Toys/Rope Toys

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There’s a continuous debate regarding the use of tug toys/rope toys for dogs. It is safe to use? Should I allow my dog to play with it? These and that are some of the few questions that need an honest answer.

There are pros as to the use of these type of toys. They keep your dog under control when they get too excited. But tug toys can also damage their tooth. Additionally, it may trigger them in becoming overaggressive to the point that they bit their owner.

As for rope toys, make sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand the bites of a dog. If not, then they might swallow small pieces of it, causing internal damage which can be fatal.

Squeaky Toys

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Squeaky toys that have small bells and whistles in it is very harmful to dogs as they might break and swallow the small pieces of it. Ditch this toys now or risk getting your dogs choked from its little pieces.

Tennis Ball

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Yes, this ones pretty common. But did you know that there are reported cases in which tennis ball was swallowed by the dog? Additionally, these balls are easy to rip off and pieces of it can be swallowed by your dog.


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