If you already have given birth, you’ll know that the first thing that the doctor will do once a healthy baby gets out of you is to let you hold the baby. This first skin-to-skin contact is pretty crucial and the World Health Organization even labeled it as “life-saving”.

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As they grow older, your children still need that constant skin-to-skin contact through hugging. According to experts, hugging brings forth “higher self-esteem” among children and it helps lower chances of acquiring psychological and behavioral problems.

Other advantages of hugging involve:

Helps Deal With Stress

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As a parent, you’d feel that when your children hug you, your tiring day will turn into a happy one. As it goes to show, this feeling is also the same as with your children.

“Parental warmth and affection protect one against the harmful effects of toxic childhood stress,” says a Study conducted at the University of California.

Helps Them Feel Loved

Hugging children during playtime gives them a feeling that they are truly loved. This will result in a closer relationship with your children.

“Children whose parents spent too much time directing play showed ‘more negative feelings’ towards their mothers,” says a study at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Helps Children Become Mentally Stable Adults

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The benefits of hugging definitely go beyond your child’s younger years.

“The adults who reported receiving more affection in childhood displayed less depression and anxiety and were more compassionate overall,” says Writer Sandi Schwartz.


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