Who don’t love discounted items? Surely, only a few do! As much as possible, you would want to buy those precious bags and shoes in a much lower price.

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However, there are these people who are placed in a tough situation every time there’s an ongoing sale on products such as shoes. Several photos were posted on Facebook shaming Filipinos and calling them “irresponsible and insensitive shoppers”.

Facebook user Auffie Anne Beatrice, shared how disappointing Filipinos acted during a sale on a famous shoe brand. According to Beatrice, everything was in order when the sale started but it was like a whirlwind hit the store when customers (particularly Filipinos) started to barge in.

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“Sorry. Filipinos are irresponsible and insensitive shoppers. Imagine all the work and over time you have caused the employees when in fact these were all properly arranged and put in order for your own convenience. Other shoppers were left to scavenge for the other pairs of their shoes as well as it’s boxes. While others waited and lined up only to leave the store empty-handed since ‘shopping’ was almost made impossible due to the trail of shoes all over the floor and ripped boxes. Filipinos can give straight high blood pressure,” says Beatrice in her post.

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She also added that despite all these obvious trouble ‘irresponsible’ shoppers did, they still won’t buy anything. This just means that all these messes were all for nothing and the customers who were actually interested to buy left the shop.

No matter how lovely shopping can be, always remember to be responsible and be mindful of the people who will sacrifice for the mess that you could contribute. Make shopping fun not just for you but for the people around you.

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Posted by Jose Rafael on Monday, April 8, 2019


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In general, regardless of country of origin, people take advantage of “crazy sale” hopeful to take home a good bargain.

We arrived at the Outlets at Pueblo Verde at 6:30pm on April 6. Finding a parking slot was the first major hurdle. Getting a seat in a restaurant was the next challenge. The final test of patience was queueing to enter the Nike shop which advertised a buy 1 take 1 deal on sneakers.

We stayed in queue for more than 30 mins showing our children that a good citizen waits for his turn, unlike the big man who inserted himself right in front of us when it was almost our turn to enter.

Finally, the door opened for us. Lo and behold, to say that the scene is shocking is an understatement. Look at these photos and videos which were taken by my daughter Josette, same photos were shared and went viral very recently.


Who is to be held accountable for the chaos inside the store? The shop management or shoppers? If a picture paints a thousand words, what do these pictures tell you of how a shop and shoppers behave in a sale event?




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