A woman from Chicago made headlines after claiming that she is an elf trapped inside a human body.

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Kimberel Eventide was interviewed by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid in Good Morning Britain and everyone was shocked at her confession – she said that she is an elf trapped inside a human body.

Would you believe that? Here is some more shocking confession that you definitely need to here.

According to Kimberel, she is an Otherkin. It is a word that describes “those who feel a connection to mythical creatures and do not deem themselves entirely human”.

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Kimberel also confessed that she read the book The Lord of the Rings and instantly got connected with it.

“I identify as an Otherkin, which feels more like an elf – I have a human body but my soul belongs to another species. It’s about a way of life and about being connected to nature, always,” Kimberel said.

“It’s not about the ears, it’s about who you are on the inside and how you carry yourself,” she added.

Piers, on the other hand, asked a question which is obviously in the minds of everyone else.

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“People are laughing about this but you’re deadly serious, aren’t you? You do identify as a transspecies elf trapped in a human body?” says Piers.

Kimberel said that Otherkins are “unique humans on earth” and there are more people who are “starting to question more what is a human.”

Susanna, also asked Kimberel if she took the Lord of The Rings movie into something real, though obviously, it is just fiction.

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“We’re going to find out more in the future that the human being is far more unlimited than we may have imagine and I believe that a lot of new souls coming in are going to show that,” says Kimberel, who married a “very human” non elf man.


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