Golden Retriever is originally a combination of Yellow Retriever and Bloodhound. Lord Tweedmouth, a half-English noble aims to create a dog breed that could adapt perfectly to the cold, rugged and wet terrain of Scotland.

Aside from that, Golden retrievers are originally bred to retrieve birds that are shot during hunting activities or even those who fall down the pond and lakes.

They are known as excellent swimmers and capable of diving even at the bottom of the pond.

In a video, a golden retriever can be seen swimming into the bottom of the waters as her owner throws a heavy object down into the pond. What’s so great was that he did it without a bit of difficulty.

The golden retriever was waiting for his owner to throw the object and he fetched it very easily. He swam to the bottom of the pond and retrieved the object. He is indeed a great swimmer.

Playing fetch is a common game of golden retrievers. In fact, as their name suggests, they are good at retrieving things. No doubt, they belong to the most loved dog breed in the United States nowadays.

Combine their characteristics of being gentle, friendly and intelligent, they are the perfect family dog. If you also love to train dogs, then golden retrievers are the best breed to introduce your training.


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