A young pup thought that he is seeing a toy right on his face. But she was just wrong about it.

Image source  Instagram

In a video which was posted by Captainthefoldenn on Instagram, a golden retriever pup was trying to catch something he thought was just a toy.

Unfortunately, it was the tail of another golden retriever. Maybe she wants to make sure that it’s something real or not and bit it. But then, the pup couldn’t seem to catch it and the older Golden just left.

The cute little pup was left puzzled and followed the older Golden.

Such a cute scene. No doubt Golden retriever is one of the most loved dog breeds in America. They are great as a family dog because they are gentle, intelligent and very friendly.

They make great family dog especially because they are friendly even to young children. They are also playful and likes to play catch. There are even countless videos that show how children, even babies, interact with Golden retrievers.

If you also like teaching tricks to you pup then Golden retriever is the best pup for you. They are intelligent and can be trained very easily. In fact, they are being used in police operations and other similar activities that utilize their smelling capabilities which are also very impressive!

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