Remelyn Zubiaga Yumul, 54, have to face a difficult challenge. She discovered that she has cancer in the ovary.

However, amidst the problem that she had to partake, something good happened to her. Remelyn’s ward that she took care in Hong Kong visited her in the Philippines. He is not 31 years old.

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Fai Tse or Philip Tse, visited Remelyn in the Philippines last April 6, in her province in Roxas City, Capiz so he can render his support to the ailing Filipina. Remelyn took care of Philip since he was a baby until 19 years old.

According to Remelyn, her ward stayed in the Philippines for four days to be with her nanny. Although Remelyn transferred to another employer for 16 years, she and Philip remained close to each other.

Remelyn discovered that she has ovarian cancer last February. She first felt a pain in her stomach and noticed that her stomach was becoming bigger.

After two weeks that her condition didn’t go away, she decided to consult a doctor in Yanchai Hospital in Tsuen Wan.

Image source SUNWEB

Remelyn didn’t expect that she will get admitted on that same day because the doctors want to make several tests. Her world fell apart when the doctors told her that she has stage 4 ovarian cancer. She also needs an immediate operation.

After three days, Remelyn decided to return to the Philippines to ask for a second opinion. In the Philippines, doctors confirmed that she indeed have ovarian cancer and it already affected her lungs and appendix.

She had an operation last March 13 and her first chemotherapy will be on April 22.

Upon knowing the situation of her nanny, Philip immediately went to the Philippines to visit her.


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