We all encountered that very tiring day and all you have to do is sleep. This dog is just the same. After a tiring day at work, he decided to sleep under the table.

In a video posted on Instagram by user retriever.vdos, a dog can be seen sleeping under the table, on its back. Dogs who sleep on their backs feel more comfortable as their bodies are well relaxed.

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Contrary, when a dog’s sleeping position is curled up, they may not be able to feel this sort of relaxation mainly because their body muscles are tense on this position.

There are different types of dog sleeping position – Side Sleeper, The Superman, Legs Up Back Down, Belly Curl, Curled Up, Back to Back and Crazy Legs.

Different Types Of Dog Sleeping Position

Crazy Legs

The one being portrayed in the video is called the Crazy Legs position. Your pup will lie on their back with four legs all up in the air.

Side Sleeper

This position is common among dogs. This position is usually reserve for naps. However, there are also instances in which your dog will sleep in this position for a much longer time and it will still be okay.

The Superman

They will sleep stomach down and their legs are stretch outward and this is called the Superman position. This is common in puppies.

Legs Up, Back Down

This is somewhat similar to the Crazy Legs position. The only difference is the dog’s front paws placed over their chest. This position signifies that your dogs do not want to be bothered.

Belly Curl

In this position, your dog will be sleeping on their tummy and their paws are tucked backwards.

Curled Up

In this position, your dog will be sleeping in a tight, unforgiving position as this position allows them to protect their belly which is also a common position among wild dogs and wolves.

Back to Back

If you have two dogs at home, you might see them sleeping back to back. This position induces warmth and protection which is commonly portrayed among wild dogs.


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