Who’d have thought that even dogs also have those proud moments with their newborn pups? Luckily, this video shows how caring these two new parents are.

In a video which was posted on YouTube, two dogs were eagerly watching their puppies as they lie on the bed. The two are the proud parents of the newborn puppies.

The new family even had to adjust to their new setup as the mommy dog was seen closing her eyes while the daddy leans on her.

Even as they sleep, the mommy dog can be seen very close to her new puppies. As she nurses her puppies, the mommy and daddy dogs are holding each other’s paws. What a loving family to see!

As they wake up, they still couldn’t take off their eyes from their little ones, making sure that they are comfortable and not hungry at all.

However, there are several websites claiming the dangers of keeping small puppies with grown-up ones. It is said that allowing baby puppies to be with their mom on their first few days might cause their untimely passing.

Though this is not common among canine, there also other reasons to consider just in case you see a dead done besides his mom. Such causes include;

  • The temperature is too hot or too cold
  • Mothers neglecting their puppies and refusing to lie down next to them to nurse
  • Physical defects

If you notice any of these concern beforehand, take your dog immediately to the veterinarian as they are the ones who can give you an honest answer.

One way to prevent death among puppies is to keep a close eye to them during the first few weeks. They are vulnerable and fragile. To monitor, make sure to check their litter once in a while and see if their mother is nursing them properly.





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