Wedding is the most awaited moment by couples who dream of finally tying the knot as they promise to love one another until their last breaths.

It all starts with an invitation.

An invitation plays a vital role in a couple’s wedding.  Stated there are the names of the couple’s parents and godparents, the rest of the entourage and the venues for both the church and the reception.

And the fact is, amidst the busy preparations, it is possible that something could go wrong with it.

An invitation left the netizens wondering as it spread through social media.  The mistake was not noticeable at first but in a closer glance, you’ll surely see it.

Can you spot the mistake?

Just as the traditional invitation started with the names of the parents requesting the presence of their guests for the marriage of their children, it was followed by the date and time, the name of the church where the wedding will take place followed by the details of the reception.  However, the next line will definitely “stir your brain!”

The date of the wedding indicated on it was 16th of November 2018.  Yet, guests were instructed to RSVP by October 1, 2019!  Isn’t that 11 months after the wedding already?

As of this writing, not a word from the bride-to-be (Yasmin) and the groom-to-be (Stephen)had expressed their thoughts on this.

Many concluded that the wedding will take place on November 16, 2019 but there was an error on the year prior to the printing of the invitation.

Tricky, right?  Did you spot it?


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