Being critically ill while working as an OFW is very hard for those who thought of working abroad as a means of augmenting their family’s finances.  Some employers would just send them home, deprive them of medical assistance or simply ignore their health condition because they can no longer render their service.  But for this one OFW, she was one lucky worker who received help from her generous employers.

Marissa Tanael was working in Saudi Arabia for only a few months when she felt a lump on her breast.  Thinking it was just a “simple” lump, she first ignored it until it grew bigger which prompted her to tell her employers about it.

Worried about her conditioner, her kind female employer asked her husband to bring Tanael to the doctor.  And after a series of tests, it was confirmed that Tanael was gravely ill.

Tanael’s employers were so generous and kindhearted that they even offered to finance her medication. However, because Tanael feared that no one will look after her while at the hospital during her operation, she decided to just go back to her family in the Philippines.

On the day of her departure, her employers handed her P100,000 and a new mobile phone worth P30,000.  Not only that, but she was also given an envelope which she could just open upon her arrival in the Philippines, as instructed by them.

Curious and excited what was inside the envelope, Tanael opened it and got surprised when she discovered a receipt indicating a remittance under her name amounting to P200,000 for her medication.

Tanael’s operation went well and the money she received was used for her chemotherapy sessions.  But then, since every session was very costly, she consumed all of it for her treatment.

For her continuous treatment, she is now seeking financial help from generous people who would love to help her out with her condition.

Watch her story below


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