The Overseas Filipino Workers repatriated from Libya will most likely be deployed abroad, in countries like Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, says Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello.

“These countries are also in need of health workers such as nurses so we might consider sending them there,”saya Bello during a press conference.

Bello further said that Japan is one of the alternatives for OFWs who were repatriated since Japan will be needing 345,000 workers in 14 major industries.

“Japan needs 345,000 workers belonging to 14 industries including caregivers, agriculture workers, and medical workers,” says Bello.

The alert level in Libya already Level 4 as the violence continues to escalate.

“It is possible that the Alert Level 3 in Libya will be upgraded to Alert Level 4, which would mean forced repatriation of Filipinos,” says Bello.

According to Bello, they are still coordinating with the Department of Foreign Affairs to assess the situation in the country.

Since Alert Level 3 was raised in Libya, the Philippines started in implementing repatriation for OFWs in the country.

There will be a quick response team that is set to be deployed in Tunisia. They are set to assist workers who are interested to return home.

“This will be a preventive move by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to send our team to Tunisia to help assist in repatriating our countrymen,” says Bello.

DOLE said that there are an estimated 2,600 OFWs in Libya, mostly from the health industry.

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