Is it really safe to keep your cash in a bank?

We always think that depositing our cash in the bank would make it more secure than just keeping it in our cabinets at home.  However, the story of this one bank depositor may convince you to take a second thought on entrusting your hard-earned money in the bank.


We’ve heard a lot of stories before about bank accounts which were being hacked, with thousands of pesos lost by bank depositors.  The banks had agreed on looking closely on the matter but unfortunately, the hackers strike again!

Laarnie San Diego, a BDO depositor gushed her anger on social media claiming she lost money in her account brought by unauthorized transactions.  In fact, it wasn’t the first time she encountered this.

So eto yung mga nababasa ko before about issue sa BDO. Oo nababasa ko pero sobrang tiwala ko parin talaga sa BDO na…

Posted by Laarnie San Diego on Monday, April 15, 2019

Laarnie shared that last April 15, she almost lost P50,000.00 for 32 unauthorized transactions on her bank account. Two days after complaining, the bank was able to return the said amount but unexpectedly, it happened again after the Holy Week.

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On her FB post, Laarnie claimed that after BDO returned the debited amount on her account, she decided to withdraw her money and close the account because of security issues.  But just as she was on her way to the bank, she found out the hackers stroke again and had taken money on her account for the second time!

Feeling pissed off, Laarnie shared her bad experience on social media so bank depositors may be more careful where they put their money, more so at BDO where it says, “We Find Ways” but that’s where she had lost her cash deposits.

Read her full post.

BDO strikes 2! 4 days na nanahimik account ko dahil holidays. May holidays din po ba mga hacker? Sakto banking days saka…

Posted by Laarnie San Diego on Tuesday, April 23, 2019


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