Infidelity is becoming very rampant these days that it has become the theme and concept of different television series nowadays. Though it’s widely done, it does not mean getting in another relationship while you are married is right.

In the eyes of God and the law, you are indebted. Most importantly, your children are the ones who will suffer the most once you chose to find someone else.

Even with Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who leave the country to provide a greener pasture for their family in the Philippines, such incidents are widely known.

In fact, another husband of an OFW asked the help of TV personality RaffyTulfo because her wife allegedly has another in her life.

According to Joseph Chavez, husband of OFW Marife Chavez, his wife went to work in Saudi Arabia to provide for their four children. But she ended up in another man’s arms because she allegedly had a relationship with another man known only as “Francis”.

Joseph said that his wife was supposed to return to the Philippines after the end of her contract on June 4, 2018. Marife extended for another 2 months and set to return to the Philippines by August 2018.

However, it turns out that Marife didn’t go home to her family, but to Francis who is now her live-in partner.

During a phone conversation, Marife confesses that she wanted to end their relationship with her husband because she treats her badly.

On the other hand, Joseph claims that this isn’t the first time that Marife had a boyfriend while they are married and because of this, he tried to end his own life because of depression.

Tulfo asked Marife to return to Joseph for the sake of their children but the decision of Marife still matters.

See the full clip below


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