We’ve heard a lot of unfortunate stories about OFWs around the globe.  But this one is worth reading since it will make you think working abroad isn’t bad at all.

The post of an OFW working in Malaysia named Valleryn Caranza Landong in an FB page had many netizens burst in laughter.

On her post, Valleryn shared a conversation with her female employer who was giving her instructions on what food she’s going to prepare for her husband.  Many found it hilarious and wondered how Valleryn understood it.


Apparently, the English language which her female employer used was grammatically incorrect.  However, Valleryn was so clever to understand it and even replied in the same manner which only the two of them understood.

The FB post sparked so much laughter on the internet which made them think that not all OFWs suffer from maltreatment and abuse.  Netizens felt Valleryn and her employers were so close that they can use the language which only they can comprehend.

English is an International language and is being used in every part of the world.  Filipinos are among those considered to be fluent in using the language. via OFW PAGE


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