An Overseas Filipino Worker from Saudi Arabia allegedly lost her mind because of homesickness.

In the video, a woman can be seen talking inside the aircraft while passengers and flight attendants try to calm her down and let her off the plane.

Unfortunately, she won’t allow anyone to touch her nor get out of the plane. Passengers also tried to pacify her and while airport officials gather to pick her out.

According to the one who took the video, their flight was totally delayed because of the incident and a child can also be heard crying obviously afraid of the commotion.

But still, the Filipina never stopped talking, saying things that normal people don’t usually say. She also spoke in her native language which is Cebuano.

Another passenger also tried to make her get out of the plane while also speaking Cebuano but his efforts were in vain. She refused to get off the plane.

She also does not know her name. However, a commenter claiming to be her relative said that the woman already returned to the Philippines. She also said that the woman lost her sanity because of homesickness.

Other commenters conveyed their hopes for the fast recovery of the woman now that she is with her family whom she misses most.

Kabayan Hindi Nakayanan ang Homesick Nawala sa Kanituan!

Sino nakakilala sa kanya kawawa namanSubrang delay kami dahil my isang babae dito my deperensya sa utak hndi nya maalala ang sarili nya na trauma yta sa amo nya ksi lagi nsa bibig nya ay ang amo nya panuorin nyo.. sinu po nakakakilala ky ate galing Riyadh KSA.

Posted by OFW News Portal on Sunday, April 28, 2019


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