Filipino tourist was arrested in Hong Kong after they tried to steal a purse of a Korean woman while inside the Central MTR station. Later, they were found guilty of attempted theft last April 30 by the District Court.

Five tourists were charged with attempted theft as they were caught stealing from a Korean woman. Their sentence will be given on May 14.

It took about one Tagalog and five Cebuano interpreter to read the 50-page verdict of Judge David Dufton that lasted the whole day.

The defendants – Zenaida Aviles, Delia Tagalo, Manuelito Camacho, Arlene Gerodias and RasimLinambos – sat quietly as the interpreters read the verdict in front of them. The reading started at 10 am and it lasted until 2:30 pm as interpreters also took a lunch break.

The judge said that he finds the defendants guilty because of the location where the incident happened which is Wanchai MTR station as well as the routes of the MTR and tramways, location of the Bank St and the World-Wide Plaza.

All the evidence and oral submitted by the defense lawyers Paul Stehenson, James Sherry, Andrew Raffel, John Marray and Maurice Peter Tracy.

One thing that the judge thought was suspicion is the fact that they didn’t go to Hong Kong together but were seen in the same place while they try to pickpocket the purse of the woman.

“I am satisfied so I am sure the prosecution has proved all the elements of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt,” says Judge Dufton who handled the case.

The five were arrested and detained since then.


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