The thought that you’ll be receiving foreign currency as your salary is already very appealing. But when you reach abroad and start working as a domestic helper, it is then that you’ll realize how hard it is to work abroad and deal with your foreign employers.

Facebook user Star Apple Castroverde shared a photo that reflects the life of many OFWs, particularly, domestic helpers. In the photo, she can be seen lying on the floor as she rests for a while after a day full of work.

“Abroad pa more” – is what she usually tells to herself every time she gets tired of working and wants to sleep but cannot.

Castroverde said that she still cannot rest for the day because they still have a visitor who is still eating. Because of that, she just lied on the floor, outside the kitchen so she can rest for a while.

This is very true among Filipino domestic helpers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of domestic helpers who get deprived of getting enough sleep. There are even others who are not given enough food despite a days’ work.

It is really appealing to work abroad and earn foreign currencies. But when you’re already there, you will know how hard it is to be away from your family and adjust to the culture, traditions and foreign employer


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