Filipinos are among the sexiest accents all over the world.

According to a survey conducted by a travel website, Filipinos is among the sexiest accents worldwide. Big 7 Travel says that they have “go-to resource for over 1.5 million people,” and they also conducted a poll to their readers on what nationality has the most attractive accent.

The Filipinos landed on the 21st spot considering that there is a lot of meme’s regarding the accent of Filipinos that went viral last year.

The top spot goes to the Kiwis and Big Travel 7 describes them (New Zealand dialect) as “outrageously charming”. Other dialects on the list are French, British, and Aussies. Filipinos are ahead of Japanese and Russians.

Additionally, Filipinos are being tagged as “simply lovely”.

The craze as to who got the most adorable accent came to life November last year when the “I love your accent, say it again” meme started. It was inspired by an episode of the cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory”.

In the episode, Dexter tried to invent a gadget that would allow him to speak French just by listening to a tape. However. It had trouble and skips over to the “omelette du fromage”  phase, allowing him to speak only those words. This, however, resulted in her fame at school


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