Just recently, a young girl appealed to the public for help because she wanted to go to school and interact with other children. Unfortunately, she does not have the necessary documents to apply for a visa because her mother just abandoned her without acquiring any paper works.

The plea of the 6-year-old girl was finally realized after her biological mother came forward to cooperate in securing necessary documents so the young girl can finally go to school.

The mother and daughter reunited in fast food in Karama where the mother currently resides. She also explained that Fatima, the abandoned child, is actually not six years old but seven.

According to Gulf News, the 50-year-old mother is married in the Philippines with another two teenage girls. She had a relationship with another Filipino in Dubai and got pregnant.

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She also filed the marriage certificate, a major requirement when giving birth to a child, in the name of her husband who is still in the Philippines.

“My boyfriend left me before the birth and within a month of having Angel I found it too difficult to support both her and my family in the Philippines because I was the only provider,” says the Filipina mother.

She met a couple, a Pakistani and a Filipina in a prayer meeting and agreed that they will look after the child since they cannot conceive anymore.

For five years, the Pakistani and Filipina took care of the child whom they named Fatima and became unofficial more forte parents until December 2018 when their company got bankrupt.

Another Pakistani man took care of the child and was eager to find the real mother since they already lost contact with the Filipina and the Pakistani who first took care of her.

Finally, the mother came forward after the news broke and the young girl pitifully asked for help from the public so she can go to school and live in Dubai legally. Her mother can now process her documents and her dreams of going to school can now be fulfilled.

“I can go and get the records from the hospital when I get an Emirates ID card,” said the mum. “I haven’t been able to do this because I was living here illegally until I recently availed of amnesty (the turning of her illegal status into legal). Now I am on a six-month job seekers visa and once I get a permanent visa and an Emirates ID, I will go and get the records from the hospital.”

“I prayed that 2019 would be the year that all my problems were solved and it looks as if they finally will be. I’m so happy to see Angel again,” the girl added.

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