A Filipina domestic helper allegedly stole more than S$5,000 (PhP101,690) from her employer in Singapore. To avoid exposing the evidence, she hid the money in her private parts but was soon busted during a body check at Changi Women’s Prison.

The defendant was identified as Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita, 28 years old and was jailed for 16 weeks after she pleaded guilty over two counts of theft charges.

Businessman Lee See Boon gave the job to Bobita and her main duties are to clean and cook for. It was on Feb 22 when Bobita thought of stealing from her Singaporean employer. She went straight into his room and looked for valuables.

Later on, she found a bag that contains the key of a safe and a piece of paper with the numeric password written on it. Inside the safe was the money worth $3,000.

After two days, she went to Lucky Plaza Shopping center to remit S$1,500 (PhP57,507) to her family in the Philippines. On March 3, she remitted the rest of the stolen money to her family.

After three days, Bobita returned to Lee’s room and stole S$5,002 (PhP191,766) from the safe. The next day, when Lee opened the safe, he noticed that his money was missing and immediately alerted the police regarding the incident.

On March 8, Bobita was charged by the court and was taken to Changi Women’s Prison. However, police authorities found the missing money from the genitals of the defendant during the body scanning on that same day.

They were able to retrieve a small plastic bag that contains the stolen S$5,002.

Bobita is set to be jailed for up to seven years for each theft and fine.

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