A Manila-bound aircraft had an emergency landing in India after a Filipina woman gave birth while onboard.

The newborn baby with the Indian doctors via The Hindu

An emergency landing was conducted after a Filipina woman delivered a baby girl while on board. The plane landed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad. The delivery of the baby took place in the wee hours of May 8 and the mother and daughter were brought to the Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills with the umbilical cord still intact.

Reportedly, the woman works in Saudi Arabia and currently in her 35th week pregnancy, just three weeks away when she traveled back to the Philippines.

However, by the time she boarded the plane bound to Manila, she started to feel labor pains. Three doctors and two nurses from Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills went directly to the airport upon receiving a distress call around 2 in the wee hours of the morning. They reached to the airport before the aircraft even landed.

By the time they reached the aircraft, the woman is already in an advanced stage of labor, prompting them to perform the delivery inside the airplane, behind a row of seats.

  1. Archana Reddy from the Apollo Cradle who is also part of the team said that the delivery is normal but challenging. This is because the woman was bleeding because of a minor tear and it needs medical attention.

As for the newborn baby, she is at the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and weighs 3.2 kg at birth.

“Because everything we needed was sharp instruments such as blades and scissors, we could not carry them into the flight for security reasons. We could not completely separate placenta and the umbilical cord was not cut either. After the delivery, they were shifted to the hospital in an ambulance,” says Dr. Archana.

The hospital further confirms that the baby was provided with medical support and is now fit to travel.


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