Usually, non-Muslim Overseas Filipino Workers in Middle East countries get several benefits during the Ramadan season. Aside from the fact that there are employers and companies who give bonuses during this season, the working hours are also cut short throughout this Holy Month.

However, not all OFWs are given these benefits. Contrary to the happy confessions of many, Filipino domestic helpers complain of hard labor throughout this month. Additionally, there are also others who are not given enough food from their employers.

These OFWs result in consuming the excess food of their employers. OFW Rosemarie Silapan posted her encounter on Facebook, something that a lot of OFWs can surely relate.


“Kung di kakakain ng tira2 ng mga amo nyo gutom ka. Kung maarte ka patay ka. Patibayan ng sikmura dito kahit naduduwal kana halasubo,” Silapan posted on her Facebook account.

The post of Silapan is mainly concerned about the food which is not given properly to them by their employers. They need to scavenge from the leftovers of their employers.

But Silapan thinks of the better life she can give to her family in the Philippines and hopes that someday, she will return to the Philippines and be with her loved ones again.


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